What People are Saying

Your generous and finely done CD is much appreciated. I do hope you will do a Power Point Part III.

Jim and Donna Marie West

Yesterday I received your EFT4PPT CD. It’s really marvelous. Congratulations.

Kerstin Warkentin, Germany, eft-info.com

Thank you so much for your quick and efficient reply. I was able to open the Word file perfectly and it looks wonderful! I will definitely be ordering your Working with Kids and Marketing EFT.

Gloria Nye, Ontario, EmotionalFreedomTechnique.ca

Thanks again for your wonderful work on the PowerPoint presentation. It makes my job so much easier, and it gives it a very professional flavor. You did a great job!!

Thanks, Jean Bringol

…in the time I have had to look at it I am dazzled! It’s so thorough! Great job. I look forward to really using it.

Paula Shaw, California

Thank you again for putting so much work in such a great product! There is a special place in heaven for “Time-Savers” such as yourself!

Jean-Marc Zuczek

It was great meeting you. As a matter of fact the only thing better is your EFT4PPT CD.. It is excellent-well done. As a result of being further inspired this weekend by Gary combined with your CD I am already booking participants for a spring EFT Training.

Darrell Pacini, Victoria BC, DarrellPacini.com

My PP presentation at the NASW conference went swimmingly well, thanks in large part to using your PP presentation as a base for my own stuff. This is the first time I’ve ever put together a PowerPoint presentation–what fun!

Sue Campbell, EnergyRemedies.com

I’ve just tantalized myself with the first look at PP 4 kids. Its just magic, Ann. I love it.

Barbara Smith, New Zealand

I love your eft4powerpoint slides which I bought at Gary’s course in Southern California! Thank you for doing them.